Increasing Surface Slip and Durability


ZONEZ is meant to be brought anywhere. Customers may want to add an outdoor finish and improve durability of the board surface. ZONEZ also requires dice to slide on the game board after rolling in order for peak game-play. Customers may want to increase surface slip in order to improve accuracy of throws.  Additional layers of the proper surface finish can account for these needs. 


For wood-burned boards: fast drying wipe-on polyurethane, a disposable cloth/fabric, and sandpaper (80-200 grit).


For decal boards: polycrylic crystal clear topcoat and a synthetic bristle brush. 


1. Follow instructions for the brand of product you purchase. We recommend the options below. 

2. All wood burned boards come with 2 coats of wipe-on polyurethane. An additional 1-2 coats may further improve game-play if more dice slip is desired. All custom decal boards come with a laminate finish. An additional 2 coats of ploycrylic crystal clear topcoat (softer finish) may further improve game-play if more dice slip is desired, and will improve durability. For paint-your-own boards, we recommend 1-2 coats of an ultra smooth lacquer spray applied after the paint to preserve hard work and and bring surface slip to a desired level. 

3. Apply coats of polyurethane with a disposable cloth, and apply coats of ploycrylic with a synthetic bristle brush. Ensure that even coats are applied. Start on one end of the board and work across. Brush/wipe over any bubbles that form. Allow the board to sit for 2-3 hours between coats and wait at least 24 hours before playing after applying. Keep the temperature above 50 degrees. It could take a few days for the poly finish to completely harden.

4. Lightly sand after each coat of polyurethane on wood burned boards. We do not recommend sanding decal boards as it may result in permanent scratches to the decal

5. These are simply methods ZONEZ has had success with in the past. Keep in mind that different surface finishes yield different results. Alternative surface finish products may be better for durability, but worse for surface slip (and vice versa). 

6. Improper surface slip can cause dice to roll too chaotically or to slip of the board too easily (boards come at our preferred surface slickness). ZONEZ is NOT responsible for any undesired outcomes of altered surface finishing. 

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