Re-Aligning Folding Board Surfaces


Re-align your folding ZONEZ board so that the two halves line up at the seam.


Phillips screwdriver or drill. Painters tape or low strength scotch tape. 


1. Back off all 12 hinge screws by 1/8" so that the screws are above the hole chamfers. (Don't remove the screws completely - re-installing them may reduce the hold strength of the hinges) 

2. Flip the board over and re-align the center seam. Use to 2 strips of painters tape or low strength scotch tape to hold the board in the desired place. (Don't use high strength tape such as duct tape or packing tape - it may leave unwanted residue or ruin the surface)

3. Flip the board back over, and re-tighten the screws, being careful not to over-torque them. We recommend the torque pattern below. 

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