Finishing a Paint-Your-Own Board


Self-customize a PYO board for your home, party, or tailgate.  


Acrylic paint, paint brush (large and small), ultra smooth spray-on lacquer, sand paper (80-200 grit).  


1. Adjacent zones (divided by grooves) need to be painted different colors for gameplay. Tape off adjacent zones before painting for clean lines. Paint the grooves according the to image below.

2. Don't be lazy! Painting the edges looks nice.

3. If the dice doesn't slide on the board after rolling, throws will be less accurate, and the game may be less fun. The lacquer finish makes your hard work last and is essential for the best version of the game. We recommend two or more coats of the lacquer below (or a similar product).

4. Apply the center decal last (for folding boards, cut in half and aline before sticking).



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