Side Rules

Team rolls doubles? Consecutive dice thrown in the hole? Drinking rules? A detailed list of suggested side rules is below.



Roll double 1's anywhere on the board: dice back for both players,


  • Consecutive throws in the hole by two players in one turn: dice back for both players. 
  • Consecutive throws in the hole by a single player: die back for that player. 


Throw doubles of any number in the scoring zone: dice back for both players.  


Hit either of the pegs on your throw: throwing team loses 1 point.

 "Fifa" (play on a tabletop)

Die rolls off the table, an opposing team member kicks the die up to their partner, and their partner catches it: opposing team gets 2 points. 

"Catch" (play on a tabletop)

Die rolls off the table, and the opposing team catches it before it hits the ground: opposing team gets 1 point. 

"Drink" (play with a drink of your choice)

  • Player throws die in the scoring hole: opponents drink
  • Player throws die in the center zone: opponents drink
  • Player throws die in the penalty zone: drink
  • Player throws die and it hits a peg: drink 
  • Player throws die entirely in the corner: opponents finish their drink.


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