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ZONEZ Prototype Board - #8

ZONEZ Prototype Board - #8

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ZONEZ signed prototype that was originally made to be a standard board design. Universal-wood burned finish that will go with the flow anywhere. Comes with 4 pegs, 2 dice, and a storage bag. Stained with two coats of polyurethane finish. Discounted due to misalignments (pictured)**  

(Approximately 1' X 2' when folded, the foldable board is made to be brought everywhere. Its hinged center opens up to a nearly seamless full size board. Includes a magnetic lock and square cutout on the back side to store game pieces when folded. See "our comments" for restrictions on playing surfaces.)

**Please be understanding of prototype board imperfections while we work out final manufacturing flaws. Due to shipping difficulties we are not accepting returns for the time being.

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